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AthleteTrax was founded out of the combined love of sports and passion for technology. As former competitive athletes, we have not only lived and breathed sports our entire lives, but we have also faced the many challenges that come along with it. Whether it be scheduling and communicating effectively, keeping finances in order, or simply keeping everyone engaged, we get it – it’s not easy. 

Every member of the AthleteTrax team comes to play with the same goal in mind, and we work each and every day to be the best facilitators for the thousands of players, parents, coaches, administrators, and facility owners/operators that strive for success both on and off the field. We build carefully conceived and high quality tools to streamline and simplify every aspect of sports facility and management, and we do so with the attitude that we are only successful when our partners are successful. It’s always a team effort with a family mindset behind it, both internally and externally, because that’s the only way we know how to work.

Co-Founders: Jon Halpern (CEO) and Brian Gross (CTO) 

What we believe in

  • Partnership, team, and family mindset
  • Problem solving and detail oriented approach
  • Service and results driven model
  • Quality, secure, and innovative tools
  • We succeed when you succeed attitude

What we do

We strive to provide our sports program and facility partners with tools that help them to tackle every day challenges. Whether it be gaining efficiency, streamlining operations, facilitating member engagement, or driving overall growth, it is our goal to be a trusted partner rather than just another vendor or service provider.

Collaboration. Innovation. Quality. Security. Simple. Our technology is built right along side our partners, so that we can deliver high-value solutions that solve real challenges. We do so in the most secure and quality way, while making sure that our tools are intuitive and have the utmost integrity.

Whether it be the AthleteTrax or MySportSort powered by AthleteTrax, our platforms serve the needs of members, coaches, operators, and owners alike. Our tools are simple, user friendly, and designed for a high paced and on the go environment. With AthleteTrax and MySportSort, you won’t be disappointed.

Our Services

We don't take our partnerships lightly. From on boarding all the way through the day-to-day, we are right by your side.


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