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AtheteTrax just got back from the Ice Skating Institute conference in Las Vegas. While we were there, we got to meet and connect with industry leaders and members of the organization from across the world. We introduced our product to a lot of new people and showed them how we can make their day-to-day easier and more efficient. Talking and interacting with them over the last few days gave us three points:

  1. Growth: Whether it was in Colorado, Florida or other parts of the world, it seemed like a common topic was the building of new rinks. We had the opportunity to talk with the Director of ISI Asia and learned they are building over 100 new ice arenas. It is clear that the industry and popularity of ice skating is continuing to grow. With new facilities comes thousands of customers participating in the programs they have to offer.
  2. Need: Interacting with facility owners, managers and operators, it is clear that they need to get more out of their facility management tools. Even though they can get by with what they have, the ease of use isn’t there. We found that a lot of people were using multiple platforms to have everything they need to schedule, sell and rent their open time slots to their customers.
  3. Listen: When providing a product to a specific industry it is important to listen to what those who are using the product have to say. A complaint that we found from people using a different management tool is the disconnect. You have to listen to their needs. They are the people who are using the product daily and they have the best insight. If you want to have a great product, take advice from the ones who use it most.

Before I joined AthleteTrax, I worked as a facility operator for six years. What first started as a college job grew to a full-time position with more responsibilities. I know from experience what the day-to-day life is like inside of a facility and the pain points that come with it: the double scheduling; the manual registrations; the P.O.S. that was the other type of P.O.S.

From my experience, I know there is a need for an all-in-one facility management tool and the conference only proved that to me. With our services, it’s all about organization and being easy to use. Why shouldn’t it be easy for your business and convenient for your customers? We want to deliver a reliable, fast and user-friendly management tool that does everything you need, and more, and do it with the daily users in mind.



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